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    Our family are a combination of
    Jo Vangeel, Stijn Van Laere and Gustaaf & Jan Be Bisschop.
    We have the best from these three top racing lofts including brothers, sisters & children of all their top breeders and racers.
    Jo Vangeel (Soontjen based family)
    26 x 1st Prizes 2009
    13 x 1st Prizes 2010
    13 x 1st Prizes 2011
    14 x 1st Prizes 2013
    19 x 1st Prizes 2014
    Stijn Van Laere
    (Janssen Bros, Germain Imbrecht & Willy Thas bloodlines)
    1st National Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB (with Bender sold for over 100.000 Euros)
    1st National Youth Championship KBDB
    1st Provincial Champion middle distance KBDB (first & second nominated)
    2nd National Championship yearlings KBDB
    5th National Championship small middle distance KBDB.
    50 x 1st Prizes 2011
    61 x 1st Prizes 2012
    35 x 1st Prizes 2013
    40 x 1st Prizes 2014
    31 x 1st Prizes 2015
    Gustaaf & Jan Be Bisschop
    (Vandeneynde x Gaby Vandenabeele Bliksem bloodlines)
    1st, 4th, & 8th National Ace Pigeons 2015
    1st National Champions Young Birds 2013
    1st National Montlucon 3,721 birds 2013
    1st National Argenton 2,903 birds 2013
    2nd National Argenton 2,903 birds 2013
    3rd National Argenton 2,903 birds 2013
    3rd National Issoudun 2,655 birds 2013
    3rd National La Souterraine 1,993 birds 2013

  • New

    Heavy Duty Young Bird Sloping Back Perches

     New Y.B Perches 12B 500

          8 Bird H 48" x W 22" x D8"    = £38.00 Assembled
       12 Bird H 48" x W 32" x D8"     = £57.00 Assembled
       16 Bird H 48" x W 42½" x D8" = £76.00 Assembled

    New Heavy Duty Lift Off Perches.

    Manufactured from 18mm exterior plywood with pine and plywood lift off sloping back perches for quick, easy cleaning.
    Ideal for young birds, widowhood hens or stock birds.

  • New Improved Floor Grills
    From Only £23.00 each

    Floor Grill

    These grills are extremely strong and durable.
    Manufactured from quality selected redwood timber.

    Standard sizes
    47" x 32" = £26.00 each
    54" x 24" = £23.00 each

    Made To Measure Floor Grills £3.10 per sq.ft
    We can manufacture floor grills at any size or shape to fit your loft.
    FREE legs fitted on all made to measure grills.
    For a free quote please telephone us with your loft floor measurements.
    Price does not include carriage.


  • New

    Individual Door Box Perch

    2006-01-01 00.07.09

    Set of 20 Bird Individual Door Box Perch shown.

    8 Bird H42" x W21½" x D12" = £77.00 Fully Assembled
    10 Bird H52" x W21½" x D12" = £95.00 Fully Assembled
    12 Bird H42" x W31½" x D12" = £113.00 Fully Assembled
    15 Bird H52" x W31½" x D12" = £140.00 Fully Assembled
    20 Bird H52" x W42" x D12" = £180.00 Fully Assembled

    These 12mm plywood BOX perches have full length doors with vertical sliders to allow access to each individual perch without opening the main doors. There is also a facility on the front of each perch to hang two Anti-spill pots for food and water.

    Designed to help prevent hens from pairing together by confining them in individual boxes.

    3 unique low level arch windows on each sliding door to help prevent the hens from constantly trying to escape and damaging their tail feathers.