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    Heavy Duty Young Bird Sloping Back Perches

     New Y.B Perches 12B 500

          8 Bird H 48" x W 22" x D8"    = £38.00 Assembled
       12 Bird H 48" x W 32" x D8"     = £57.00 Assembled
       16 Bird H 48" x W 42½" x D8" = £76.00 Assembled

    New Heavy Duty Lift Off Perches.

    Manufactured from 18mm exterior plywood with pine and plywood lift off sloping back perches for quick, easy cleaning.
    Ideal for young birds, widowhood hens or stock birds.

  • Redstar Breeding Stud

    Bender 1024 Home Page

    Redstar Breeding Stud.

    This is the first offering from our direct Stijn Van Laere breeders.
    Due to the dominance of this loft in the East-Flanders racing scene beating the best seasoned fanciers on a weekly basis, Stijn is now known as "The Steam Roller of Kruishoutem Belgium".
    At the end of his outstanding 2012 season Stijn was awarded
    1st National Ace pigeon Grand Middle Distance KBDB,
    1st National Youth Championship KBDB,
    1st Provincial Champion middle distance KBDB,
    2nd National Championship yearlings KBDB,
    5th National Championship small middle distance KBDB.

    One of his top racers, Bender, was sold on PIPA for over 100.000 Euros. We are privileged to own a half sister to Bender and she is presently paired to Adriaan Junior, a son of Champion Adriaan winner of 13 x 1st, 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon S/M Distance & 8th Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB S/M Distance.
    50 x 1st prizes 2011
    61 x 1st prizes 2012
    35 x 1st prizes 2013
    31 x 1st prizes 2014
    At the moment these are possibly the fastest pigeons in Belgium up to 250 miles and over the last four seasons Stijn has won a staggering 177 x 1st Prizes in hot competition. This family is based on a number of top racing bloodlines with a sprinkling from the world famous long distance champion Germain Imbrecht. This injection of long distance blood extends the capabilities of these birds making them a very versatile all round family for the U.K racing scene enabling them to fly longer distances at a greater speed.

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    Individual Door Box Perch

    2006-01-01 00.07.09

    Set of 20 Bird Individual Door Box Perch shown.

    8 Bird H42" x W21½" x D12" = £77.00 Fully Assembled
    10 Bird H52" x W21½" x D12" = £95.00 Fully Assembled
    12 Bird H42" x W31½" x D12" = £113.00 Fully Assembled
    15 Bird H52" x W31½" x D12" = £140.00 Fully Assembled
    20 Bird H52" x W42" x D12" = £180.00 Fully Assembled

    These 12mm plywood BOX perches have full length doors with vertical sliders to allow access to each individual perch without opening the main doors. There is also a facility on the front of each perch to hang two Anti-spill pots for food and water.

    Designed to help prevent hens from pairing together by confining them in individual boxes.

    3 unique low level arch windows on each sliding door to help prevent the hens from constantly trying to escape and damaging their tail feathers.


  • Deluxe German Nest Boxes

    Del German 1

    Deluxe with cleaning trays & galvanized grills.
    With up and over fronts and slotted sliding doors, which can be located in four different positions including locked in the roof to leave the whole box open.
    The width of these assembled nest boxes can be reduced for a small additional charge.
    H62¼", W24½", D20"
    Available in 2s, 3s & 4s
    Set of 4 Fully Assembled

                 Box Perches                           Racing Hen Boxes

 20 Box Perch     Racing hen Box 1             

4 Sets of Five in One Perches   

    Five in One 300px